Quitting a bad habit, like biting your nails, is challenging enough. Changing a posture habit is even more difficult because we don’t often know exactly what the habit causing us pain is! With the help of a skilled Alexander Technique teacher, you discover your specific and underlying habits of imbalance.  You learn how to undo unhealthy tendencies that may be the source of your aches and pain, tension and stress. With the careful guidance of your individual instructor through contact and verbal directions, you move toward a more relaxed and balanced body poise. When we find quiet and ease in the body, we find freedom from pain and anxiety.

The Alexander Technique is appropriate for patients with chronic back pain, neck pain, migraines, repetitive stress injuries, balance and coordination problems, and for the depression and anxiety that often accompanies chronic pain and stress. It is also a powerful tool for musicians, actors, athletes and anyone who seeks to enhance their talent performance and presence.



For in-depth reading, consider the articles in the links listed. You’ll see how leaders in the field of medicine and behavioral science support the principles of the Alexander Technique. Clinical studies show that the Technique improves breathing capacity and posture, and modifies our response to stress.