During your in-person session, Sara will evaluate your postural stance, sitting and standing practices, and ask you general questions about your wellbeing and daily activities. She will have you complete simple movements as you work to uncover habits. Together, you and Sara will troubleshoot patterns that may be out of balance or collapsed or too strained. In so doing, you will find new freedom to apply to your life choices of work, play, rest, art, music, dance, theater, athleticism. And mostly, you will experience states of relaxation and embodied insight.

“I went to see Sara because I was experiencing low back pain. Her work with me using the Alexander Technique changed how I stand, sit and move, and I have not experienced back pain since. She also showed me strategies for breathing and releasing tension that have helped me use and project my voice more effectively, which, because I am a writer, has been helpful when I give readings of my work. She’s a wonderful listener and very encouraging. I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with her.” Kathy Davis, writer