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Group Classes are Fun and Informative

Here’s a great, economical way to learn the Alexander Technique. Grab a group of friends or cohorts and organize a group session. Sara loves teaches classes that combine not only the Alexander Technique, but Mindfulness, Pilates, Posture and Ergonomics. The letter below from Rachel Ramarez of Richmond, Virginia is a testimony to Sara’s skill at […]

Customize a WORKPLACE WELLNESS Workshop

  Offer your cohorts a customized WORKPLACE WELLNESS Workshop Sara will work with you and your team to customize an Alexander Technique group session, either online or in-person at your worksite. Previously a member of the Hospital Corporation of America’s Workplace Wellness Team, Sara has years of experience lecturing and advising professionals in WORKPLACE WELLNESS. […]

Want to Feel Happier? Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

On November 23 when you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with friends or loved ones, it’s typical to express what you’re thankful for. But, why limit the good feeling of acknowledging everything that’s going right in your world to one Thursday a year? Science says there’s a strong argument for adopting an attitude of gratitude. […]

Benefits of Mindfulness

7 Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation In our last blog, we explored the topic of mindfulness, and how focusing on the here and now can positively impact our stress level, self-awareness and productivity. Mindfulness is a state of calm, non-judgmental peacefulness. Being mindful means being “present” in the current moment by paying attention to the here […]


Mindfulness: Achieve Peace in a Stressed-out World   Your cell phone is ringing – again – as you drive four kids to swim practice at 6am. Your list of unanswered texts and emails is growing. You shudder to think about Facebook. Your boss is demanding a tight deadline on that big project. Add family responsibilities […]

How to Lift Heavy Objects Safely

Even if you’re not a professional mover, most people are occasionally tasked with lifting a heavy object, and it’s important to know how to do so safely to prevent a painful, nagging back injury. Whether it’s moving a son