Customize a WORKPLACE WELLNESS Workshop


Offer your cohorts a customized WORKPLACE WELLNESS Workshop

Sara will work with you and your team to customize an Alexander Technique group session, either online or in-person at your worksite. Previously a member of the Hospital Corporation of America’s Workplace Wellness Team, Sara has years of experience lecturing and advising professionals in WORKPLACE WELLNESS. Blending her composite of skills in Mindfulness, Ergonomics, the Alexander Technique, Theater Arts and Fitness, Sara strategizes solutions to ease strain and stress in the workplace, be it “at home” or in the office. Finding balanced breathing and easy posture soothes the nervous system and calms tension. Consider offering your staff a retreat that teaches an array of WORKPLACE WELLNESS techniques designed just for your team’s unique needs.


“Mindfulness is more than just the words. To understand and fully benefit, you must learn the physical practice and understand the link between mind and body.  In teaching mindfulness, Sara utilizes physical and mental practices through detailed explanation and experiential learning. These methods are highly effective and I always returned to my office much more relaxed and better prepared to tackle the awaiting challenges and stresses. Sara’s classes included such things as correct posture for better breathing and ergonomic workspace set up for enhanced productivity and meditation sessions for relaxation. Her experience and teaching methods are excellent and I would highly recommend her Mindfulness class.”     
Barbara Duff- former Senior Financial Accountant- Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond (retired 1/1/2021)