“I walked into the door not knowing what to expect: I walked out fresh, upright, and in tune with my body. One of Sara’s strengths is her ability to make a complex experience like the Alexander Technique accessible and practical outside her studio. The posture, the breathing, the movement, even the mentality — it all just makes… “

“In preparation for my wedding, I had the privilege of studying the Alexander Technique from Sara Sommers. The experience opened my eyes to the importance of controlling both posture and body movements to reduce stress and boost health, well-being, and confidence. Using the Alexander Technique, I was able to walk down the aisle mindfully. Now, after my wedding, I am still using these techniques and practices on a daily basis while working as a labor and delivery… “

“Sara’s training of the Alexander Technique is real life. She works to understand your day-to-day activities and gives you practical application on ways to coordinate your movement so you utilize your body more efficiently, save your energy, and boost your enthusiasm. It takes time to re-train your body to sit, walk, bend and relax in a way that maximizes your muscles and bones. That time with Sara is worth it; you’ll see benefits that can last a… “

“Sara is a gifted practitioner and teacher to the Alexander Technique. Through her expertise, I have become aware of how to hold my body and how to make certain moves for greater well-being. Sara’s gracefulness, gentleness and teaching style make the sessions so… “