Back pain is one of the most common reasons for employee absenteeism. Half of all working Americans report experiencing back pain symptoms each year. Poor posture and “ihunching” are often the culprits behind spine issues.  Sitting is as bad for us as smoking. Employees who spend hours each day seated at desks benefit immensely from the Alexander Technique. Sara’s expertise has helped employees achieve pain relief in the workplace in a wide range of professions including optometry, dental, insurance, salons, and the financial industry.

Locked knees put great strain on the lower back. Hinging at the hips and knees and ankles encourages more  ease and better positioning for maximum back comfort.

It is not what we do but how we do it that matters.

To improve employee productivity and job satisfaction, Up and Up Health offers a unique approach to employee wellness training that emphasizes the mind/body connection, the power of healthy posture, and a pragmatic approach to basic ergonomic solutions for the office. Interactive and dynamic, training sessions assess and address job-specific demands and challenges. Investing in employee health and well-being has a strong ROI and helps to make your company a top choice employer. Engaged and healthy employees are more productive, experience reduced anxiety and pain, miss fewer workdays, and perceive their workplace as a choice employer.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Enhanced workplace wellness
  • Improved productivity
  • Lower health insurance costs from resolved postural pain
  • Fewer missed work days
  • Employee satisfaction in working for a choice employer

The first step is to listen and evaluate your needs. Sara then customizes a program to reach your employees with meaningful and practical interactive experiences that offer sustainable solutions for workplace postural balance and health.


Mindful Posture Coaching for Power and Presence Basic Workplace Ergonomics for Safety and Comfort Mindfulness Stress Reduction Strategies Muscular Skeletal Disorder Prevention Interactive Movement Games for Team Building

Choose from these topics or let us customize a training package for your employees, including a workshop plus personalized postural alignment sessions.

Your Corporate Session Options:

  • Lunch’n’Learn Sessions
  • Synergy-Building Workshops
  • Personalized Evaluations of Individual Workspace Ergonomics and Practices
  • Weekly or Biweekly 30-minute Posture Training and Alignment Sessions

Benefits to Employees: 

  • Identify compromising habits and practices
  • Acquire skills to increase energy and reduce stress
  • Improve posture, confidence, vocal production and presence
  • Enhance productivity with better body awareness
  • Build collaborative solutions for workforce synergy

Proper alignment and accurate placement of monitors and keyboards can make a lasting difference in workplace pain reduction and employee wellness.

Whatever the job task, Sara’s expertise helps employees troubleshoot problem postures to optimize workplace ergonomics.

Sara brings her table to provide individualized consultation onsite to promote relaxation and reduce stress for clients on the job. A 15-minute Alexander session restores body alignment and balance, improving workplace productivity and employee satisfaction.