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Sara has years of experience coaching WORKPLACE WELLNESS, teaching MINDFULNESS, ERGONOMICS, THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE, ACTING and PILATES. How do we create a user-friendly work environment when we are sitting on a sofa and using a laptop? How do we microdose joy in today’s busyness? How do we manage stress and relieve tension in our bodies when we are under a deadline or about to go on stage? Sara is a dynamic speaker and offers workshops for professionals and students alike in the Arts, healthcare and business arenas. She has lectured to church and civic organizations, school and university classrooms, professional and amateur theater associations, human resource departments, chemical and mechanical engineers, hospital personnel and doctor offices, book and garden clubs… just to name a few.

“Mindfulness is more than just the words. To understand and fully benefit, you must learn the physical practice and understand the link between mind and body.  As a teacher, Sara utilizes physical and mental practices through detailed explanation and experiential learning. These methods are highly effective and I always returned to my office much more relaxed and better prepared to tackle the awaiting challenges and stresses. Sara’s classes included such things as correct posture for better breathing, ergonomic workspace set-up for enhanced productivity, and meditation sessions for relaxation. Her experience and teaching methods are excellent and I would highly recommend her Mindfulness and Alexander Technique classes.”     
Barbara Duff- former Senior Financial Accountant- Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond (retired 1/1/2021)


Locked knees put great strain on the lower back. Hinging at the hips and knees and ankles encourages more  ease and better positioning for maximum back comfort.


It is not what we do but how we do it that matters.