Embody confidence and poise as you unleash the habits of tension and stress. Learn new postural techniques and mindfulness practices.

Move better, feel better.

Certified in the century-old Alexander Technique encouraging postural health, and trained in mindfulness and ergonomics, Sara is gifted at spotting postural habits that may be interfering with muscular skeletal health, overall confidence and wellbeing. With over ten years of experience teaching the Alexander Technique, a mind/body method that promotes better alignment and presence, she has helped hundreds find their way out of pain, tension, stress, and inconsistent artistic and athletic performance. With her gentle instruction, she helps you make the necessary behavioral changes that when practiced may benefit you for a lifetime.

There are only just over 600 certified Alexander Technique Teachers in the world.  The Wilmington community is lucky to have Sara practicing locally.

Sara is proud to be affiliated with Evolution Healing Arts in Wilmington, NC located at 4515 Fountain Dr.  She teaches Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons. To schedule a  50 minute session, click the link below.


Cost: $70 for 50 minute session

Sara accommodates other scheduling times by making house calls or seeing clients at her home studio located at 11 B Heron St., Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480.  She also conducts customized workshops for professional development for corporate clients and civic organizations.

Feel free to contact Sara directly at (804) 389-3340 or email SaraSommers@comcast.net



Want to learn some basic skills that can save your neck and back? Click here to download your free ebook from Sara.


“Sara is a gifted practitioner and teacher to the Alexander Technique. Through her expertise, I have become aware of how to hold my body and how to make certain moves for greater well-being. Sara’s gracefulness, gentleness and teaching style make the sessions so enjoyable.”

– Alix Miller of Avancer Coaching

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